long time no see

it’s been quiet here for some time since i was away on travel — and maybe i won’t be able cook for a while longer, since i’m still full up from all the great food i had. for instance one of my favourites from childhood on, made by my grandmother.

may i introduce: pfannkuchen (=pancake). the pfannkuchen is a twofold white bread made from yeast, salt, flour and milk, which is baked in a dutch oven. it needs to be generously brushed with oil during baking time.

i don’t know if there is any other region in germany besides where i come from where such a bread is eaten as side dish (let alone to call it pfannkuchen. pfannkuchen usually refers to some kind of doughnuts – which we call krapfen. any food etymologists out there?) it goes very well with various vegetables, for instance sugar snaps, savoy or kohlrabi.

here we had it with kohlrabi, fresh from my grandmother’s garden.

plus rissoles and bratwurst.

and green salad, of course also fresh from the garden.

summary: i need a garden.

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