empanadas with beef (…but not mendocinas)

i started with the empanadas mendocinas recipe at laylita’s recipes. but i wanted to have raisins in it – which mendocinas do not have, i added parsley to the filling and since i confused the mendocina dough recipe (which contains milk) with the other dough recipe at laylita’s i ended up with something a bit different from the original. but they were really nice – at least those that we tried, the other empanadas are sitting in the fridge waiting for brunch on sunday.

their form was not perfect yet,  but you can follow the evolution of my repulgue in the above picture.  i did not need all the filling for the 28 empanadas i got, but found a great way to use up the leftover meat: i put it on frozen puff pastry, topped it with mozarella cheese and baked it.

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