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green sauce

you can’t see much of it, but the green sauce was great, in particular with the early season potatoes and boiled eggs. i would not dare to call it frankfurter grüne sauce, since it does only contain two out of the seven herbs required for this speciality. in case you are interested: these are parsley, chive, borage, chervil, cress, garden burnet and sorrel. and if you want to know even more, you can go to the green sauce festival or visit the green sauce monument. (in frankfurt. crazy.)


  • one bunch of parsley, minced
  • one bunch of chive, cut in small rings
  • 150 g sour cream
  • 150 g crème fraîche
  • 2 tsp mustard (dijon, hot)
  • 1 tbsp sun flower oil
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice
  • salt, pepper

in a blender, mix all ingredients until smooth. keep in the fridge until use.

quark spread with chive, radish and onion

spring has come and so it’s time for chive again. at home in my parent’s garden we used to check everyday, starting mid march, on the progress the young chive made. and when it was finally long enough to be cut my father made fresh kräuterquark with chive and onions. delicious.

i don’t have a garden but the store-bought stuff will do.


  • 250 g quark (10% fat)
  • 50 ml milk
  • half a bunch of chives
  • half an onion
  • 6 radish
  • 1/4 tsp salt, black pepper

dice onion and radish, cut up the chive into small rolls. put in a bowl, then add quark and stir until well combined. add milk by the tablespoon until desired creaminess is reached ( i like it rather thin as you can see in the pic). season with salt and black pepper.

the quark is also very nice with fresh potatoes (boiled in their skins) and linseed oil or pumpkin seed oil.