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panini al rosmarino e formaggio

i tried these rosemary buns from the silver spoon today, but they were not really satisfying. the dough was quite stringy and dry, even though i added some more milk to it than it was written in the recipe. a few minutes before the end of the baking time the buns are filled with a mixture of heavy cream and cheese. but i think also the dough-cheese ratio could be improved… so i’ll skip posting the recipe.

saturday morning disaster: pancakes

yes, they seem to look ok, but were actually quite horrible. it turned out that the combination between the flapjack recipe in this book and the idea to add grated pears (from here) does not work. they remained practically uncooked inside, even after maybe 12 minutes. destroying transforming them into something kaiserschmarrn-like didn’t help either. so we ended up eating leftover sandwich bread with honey.