indian dinner

for the indian dinner on friday we had

  • mango chutney, coriander chutney and papadum as starters
  • rice and paratha (from madhur jaffrey’s book “indisch kochen“)
  • zucchini kootu
  • once again the bombay curry
  • channa raita (this is raita with chickpeas and garam masala)
  • and what i made the paneer for: methi-palak paneer – unfortunately without methi leaves. and i guess the addition of ground fennugreek seeds to the dry masala is no substitute at all.

my spice rack is now stacked with many new items. so far i did not even know that there is such a thing as curry leaves! i also used tamarind for the first time.

i don’t have pictures from the final dishes, as i didn’t want to bother our guests with extensive photo shooting. i’ll post recipes later.

and of course, such a feast comes at a price.

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