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coconut custard with pineapple

we had some coconut milk left from yesterdays bombay curry, and with one sachet of vanilla custard powder, 20g sugar and some milk it became our dessert today. just fill up the coconut milk (we had about 250ml) with milk until you have 0.5l liquid*, and prepare the custard according to manufacturers instructions, probably with a bit less sugar. i also added a knife tip of cardamom. let it chill in the fridge and serve with pineapple.

*referring to german custard package sizes

pineapple peppermint dessert

i don’t remember where i first read about this idea – but it’s really a great one. those two flavours go together very well and make for a refreshing and light desert. plus it takes only minutes to prepare it: cut a pineapple in bite-sized pieces. chop the leafes of 4-5 twigs of peppermint and pestle with 1-2 tbsp sugar. this becomes peppermint pesto, and it’s used to marinate the pineapple in it. the marinated pineapple can be enjoyed as it is or served with plain yoghurt.